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The Real "Best Home Loan Interest Rates"


created by John Cahill

23 July 2011




    There are two questions i frequently get asked

    "What is the best free bit of advice you can give me in 5 minutes?", and

    "What rate should (or could) i be paying on my home loan?".



    Fusion Par/tners are not mortgage brokers, but as accountants and financial planners, we get mortgage brokers contacting us on a weekly basis, trying to get us to refer clients to them.

    They know that we are 'in the know' and offered competitive rates all the time, so they always offer us 'cut to the chase' rates.

    They are as low as the banks will go, no messing around. So as an individual going to a lender, i am pretty confident that you will not be able to do better. However armed with 'inside knowledge' of what interest rate a lender can give you, you are better able to negotiate in order to get yourself the best possible rate.


    Generally, the current standard variable rates are around 7.6%, with a reduction to about 7.0% depending on loan size, whether you do banking or have credit cards with that lender, eligibility for pro packages/wealth packages, servicability, amongst other factors.

    The following are the best rates we know of, and are for home loans up to a maximum of 80% LVR. (ie : loan = 80% of valuation of property). All rates are 100% variable.


    Under $500,000 borrowing = 6.92% (maybe 6.87% with justification to the bank why you are worth it)

    $500,000 to $1,000,000 = 6.87%

    $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 = 6.77%

    Greater than $1,500,000 = 6.67%

    High Net Worth Individuals = 6.60% (ie: you are borrowing in excess of $10 million and the bank will fight for your business)

    Getting down to the lower rates will require "head office" approval.

    All of the above rates are on wealth packages / pro packages where you pay between $350 and $400 a year.

    Our advice to anyone is to drop into your bank, or even just give them a call, and tell them these are the rates you have been advised you can get. Tell them you are considering moving your loan to another bank, purely in order to get a lower rate, and say you want to give them the chance to match it first.

    You will be surprised at the results. A simple phone call to the call centre will usually get them to drop the rate by a little bit (about 0.1% or 0.2%) straight away. They will then have to transfer you to a home lending 'specialist' to get any further drop in rates. Ask to be transferred to this home loan specialist or ask for them to call you back. These are the people who have the authority to drop rates more significantly.

    You may not be able to get them to exactly match the rates listed above, but we have had a 100% success rate of getting at least a 0.2% reduction in rates from the existing lender. (On a $500,000 loan, that is $1,000 in interest, every year - pretty good for a 5 minute phone call.)

    You will have to weigh up other factors, such as the convenience of having all banking and loans with one bank, and the costs of switching, before making any decision to move lenders, but at a minimum you should be able to reduce the rate you pay with your existing lender.


    Addition :

    All of the rates i am taking about are standard variable rates. These rates are from the major banks, and are not building societies or internet lenders. They are full service accounts as though you walked in the front door.

    You may find lower interest rates from internet sites, but the major banks will not match these rates as they argue they have extra overheads from branches, and they provide a full service product.

    Of the intternet lenders UBank is probablly the most secure as it is backed by NAB. At the time of writing their standard variable rate is 6.79%.

    There are risks associated with using an internet loan provider. You should check the fine details about entry and exit fees in particular. There may be annual fees as well. Also ensure there is not a honeymoon variable rate that will stop after 6 months or 1 year.


    How we can help

    Firstly, we have given you free information about the rates that other people are getting, so you can approach your bank directly.

    If your lender won't match the rates, and you want to switch lenders to get the rates listed above, just contact us by phone on 02 4367 3333 or contact me directly on john.cahill@fpcc.com.au and i am happy to help out and put you in touch directly with the lender that will give you the best rate for your size loan.


    The above rates are for residential loans only. We also have lenders offering competitive loans for commercial property, margin loans and borrowing in super, so if you want advice on the best rates on these loans, please contact us.



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Interest Rates are changing all the time. The interest rates listed above are variable rates as at 23 July 2011 and are subject to change.