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The 30% Private Health Insurance Rebate

Prepay till 30 June 2013 to still get the 30% rebate


created by Lisa Cahill - Fusion Partners Central Coast

08 June 2012


As you may be aware from the 2012 budget announcement, the government will be implementing a means test for the private health insurance rebate from 1 July 2012. 

This may mean that your private health insurance premium will increase by up to 30%.

We encourage you to personally contact your health fund in order to review your options regarding the prepayment of your health insurance premiums.

In some cases, health insurance providers are allowing members to pre-pay up to 18 months of premiums.

In monetary terms, an average family earning above $260,001 will save approximately $1,000 through prepayment of premiums before 30 June 2012.


Private Health Insurance Rebate Tiers


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